Heavy Equipment Diagnostic Specialists
and Professional Mechanics

B&B Enterprises has been serving the Heavy Equipment Industry for over two decades, since 1982. B&B has completed over 10,000 projects for our 1,500+ customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as countries overseas.

Rebuild, Repair, & Testing Services

Our team of diagnostic specialists and professional heavy equipment mechanics are dedicated to providing state of the art quality workmanship and close customer relationships which set us apart from the competition industry wide.

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Exchange Program & Core Requirements

Each component is built to the highest B&B standard and has been fully tested and ready to install. There are very few aftermarket parts used, these parts are only used when they have been tried and proven to be an acceptable part for our components.

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Whole Machine Repair

Our 30-Ton crane facility offers ample room to remove final drive assemblies, track segments, cabs, booms and attachments. We also offer in house line boring services.

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Machine Shop

To complement our rebuild program we also have a full service machine shop for all other heavy equipment repair. With our large CNC Machinery we can rebuild or fabricate special housing & components to fit any application.

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Preventative Maintenance

B&B can help keep your equipment running and help you avoid downtime by performing routine preventative maintenance and inspection services.

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