B&B Enterprises is an authorized distributor of Evap-Rust® Rust Removal Products.

Rust is removed with no excessive metal wear that is associated with sand or bead blasting.

Safe - Simple - Effective - Environmentally Friendly - Economical

B&B offers Evapo-Rust® in the following sizes: 
1 Gallon Bottles
1 Gallon - 4 Paks
5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Drums
*Please contact us for prices.

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Evapo-Rust® Directions for Use:

Preclean item if covered in heavy oil and dirt. Rinse item and immerse item fully in Evapo-Rust™ for 20 minutes. Check progress periodically. Once rust is removed, rinse item with water. To prevent re-rusting simply dip the item back in Evapo-Rust™ solution and allow to dry. Deeply rusted parts (5mm or deeper) may require overnight soaking.

Evapo-Rust™ can be used over until performance drops off. When ready to dispose of spent Evapo-Rust™, only the iron content of the solution will dictate disposal method. In most cases, it can be safely put down the drain.

Tool alloy steel and other high carbon steels will have a slightly darker finish after de-rusting with Evapo-Rust™

Rusty items with edges may become sharp once de-rusted. Handle with caution.