B&B is pleased to offer our customers with Free Itemized Services and Parts Quotes!
We look forward to providing you with the highest quality services, your satisfaction is guaranteed!
*All Quotes/Prices given by B&B are good for 25 days.
*Customer will be responsible for all shipping charges - to & from B&B's facility. B&B has discounts with most major freight companies and we are glad to share those with our customers!


If you only need to order parts from us (no repair services needed) and you know specifically what parts you need, please feel free to download the Parts Quote Form and fax (865-435-6172) or email ( your request to us and we will get a quote to you today! You may also call to speak with our Parts or Services Specialists at 800-255-7968 anytime!



If you have a piece of equipment or a component you would like to receive a repair service and part quote on, you will need to have the machinery or component shipped to our facility. Your inspection will be performed by an experienced estimator and technician who will disassemble your equipment and give you an itemized quote for services and parts needed at no charge! Please contact us to schedule your free quote at 800-255-7968.


If you decide to proceed with our services after your free quote, we will begin repair services right away or we can store your equipment or component until you are ready for the services to begin. *Please note - All Quotes & Prices given are only good for 25 days after recieved from B&B Enterprises. Also, B&B will NOT be responsible for units, parts and/or materials left in our shop for a period greater than 60 days after the date the job is quoted, if quote is not accepted or the date notified job is complete.

If you decide that you do not want to proceed with our repair services after your quote, we will ship the disassembled equipment or component back to you. B&B will not be responsible for any shipping costs to or from our facility.


If you would like your equipment or component reassembled without repairing the problem, there will be a service charge for reassembling.

The Free Quote ONLY applies to disassembly of equipment and estimation of repair services and parts. Any shipping, repairs, reassembly or rebuilding costs are NOT included in the free quote.

*We believe we can give an accurate estimate of the approximate cost to repair or rebuild your equipment or components. Occasionally, during the repair services process, there are hidden damage or problems which are not discovered until other damaged parts are repaired or replaced. For these reasons, your B&B Free Quote is an estimate ONLY and not a contract to repair your equipment for the estimated price. You will be notified immediately and repair services will cease until agreement to proceed is given if any additional repairs are needed during the repair process.


*We may refuse to provide a B&B Free Quote at anytime.