What can B&B do for you?

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Does your excavator, loader, dozer, scraper, off-highway truck, skidder, paver, backhoe, or skid steer need some attention or repair?  B & B Enterprises is here to help keep your equipment on the job making money for you.  We know that downtime costs you time and money.  With both hydrostatic and powershift rebuild departments, our goal is to get your machine running as soon as possible.  We can rebuild your torque converter, transmission, track motor, hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor to meet your unique needs.  We can also offer an exchange from our stock of Caterpillar and John Deere rebuilt units.


We have a repair department devoted to the repairs of powershift transmissions and torque converters for any of the heavy equipment and construction equipment makes and models.  Those models include, but are not limited to:

Caterpillar D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, 12G, 14G, 16G, 120G, 140G, 518, 621, 627, 631, 637, 773, 769, 777, 785, 815, 980, 988

John Deere 350, 450, 540, 544, 550, 555, 640

Komatsu D31, D35, D41, D58, D65, D66S, D155, D355, D375, D475,

Kawasaki 65Z, 75Z, 80Z, 85Z, 90Z, 95Z, 105Z

Terex TA35, TA40, 2566, 3066, TR60, TR70, TR100

Volvo A25, A35,

Moxy 6227, MT26, MT30, MT31

Allison Transmissions 3331, 4460, 4861, M5610, 6051, 6061, M6610, M9610

Twin Disc Transmissions 44-1169, 44-1173

ZF Transmissions 3WG100, 6WG200, 6WG250, 6WG260, 6WG310

Our powershift repair shop also has the capability of dyno testing these transmissions.


B & B also has a complete machine shop where we repair some of the transmission parts.  This allows us to save you money on your transmission or torque converter repairs.  Our machine shop is available for independent machining jobs as well.  As a part of our machine shop we provide complete welding services where we do aluminum, cast iron, and all other types of welding repairs.


We have another repair department that is devoted to the repair of hydrostatic transmissions and hydraulic pump units for any of the earth moving machinery.  Those include, but are not limited to:

Caterpillar 943, 953, 963, 973, 215, 225, 235, 245, 320, 330, 345, 375

John Deere 650, 655, 750, 755, 850, 855

Hitachi EH1000, EH1100, EX60, EX100, EX120, EX200, EX270, EX300, EX400, EX650, EX700, UH83, UH122, UH123

Case 580, 688, 1550, 1840, 1845

Kobelco SK60, SK150, SK200, SK250, SK330, SK400, SK480, SK905, SK907

Kato HD800, HD900

Linkbelt LS2650, LS2700, LS2800, LS3400, LS4300, LS5800

Liebherr 621, 622, 631, 641, 721, 912, 931, 974

Ford-New Holland DC80, L35, L445, L783, LX885

Hyundai R200, R210, R280, R450

The hydrostatic repair shop is equipped with a test stand for bench testing the hydrostatic units.


Our hydrostatic repair shop also takes care of your hydraulic repair needs.  Our experience includes repairs for all makes and models of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.  These include, but are not limited to:

Rexroth A2F, A4V, A4VG, A4VM, A6V, A6VG, A6VM, A8V, A8VG, A8VO, A10V, A10VG, MCR,

Sundstrand Series 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 51, 90, M46

Kawasaki HMF63, K3V63, K3V112, K3V140, K3V180, K5V200, NV111, NV112, NV270

Hitachi HMG, HMT125, HMV125, HPV091, HPV116, HPV125, HPV145, HPV270

Linde BMV105, BMV135, BMR105, HMV180, HPR100, HPR130, MMF63

Uchida A7V, A8V, A10V

Poclain, Vickers, Mitsubitshi, Denison, Parker, Eaton, Charlynn


The hydraulic repair shop utilizes the lapping room of our machine shop to re-surface many of the hydraulic parts.  This allows us to save you money on your hydraulic parts and repairs.  Our bench test stand is also used for dyno testing the hydraulic pumps and motors.


To further meet your repair needs, B & B Enterprises is the authorized distributor for two other products.  Those are the Hayden Heavy Duty Oil Coolers and EvapoRust, a rust remover and inhibitor. 


Hayden offers a full line of transmission oil coolers and engine oil coolers that can be adapted to most OEM applications at a fraction of the cost.


EvapoRust is an environmentally friendly rust remover and rust inhibitor that can be used without caustic harm to the user or to the rusted product or part.  Use of a rust remover rather than replacing parts can save money on repairs.


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